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It’s a while since I last updated this so I’ve lots to tell. So grab a cuppa and a wee biscuit while I tell you about my recent escapades.

So as some of you already know, a few weeks ago I went away for the weekend to ‘Mudfest’ which you can probably gather from the name is a festival with mud. The fun started at 7:30am when Val and I along with 200 others from Busan took a 5 hour bus ride to the East coast of South Korea (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). Upon arriving we were escorted to our lodgings, known as a ‘minbak’ which is the name given to typical Korean accommodation where multiple people share a room and sleep on the floor. There were 16 people in our room, now this might sound like your worst nightmare but given that some other people had to share with 50 people, I’d say we were lucky. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mudfest is a festival that attracts nearly all Westerners living in Korea, so there were thousands of ‘Weegookens’ (i.e. that’s Korean for ‘Westerners’) at the festival. Most of which were American, few were Irish.

Anyway, once we arrived at our luxury accommodation (which it definitely wasn’t) we got talking to a few girls in our room, one of whom was from Bundoran in Donegal. The other girls were American. They were to be our new buddies for the rest of weekend. After we’d all grabbed our ever so clean bedding (haha) and marked out on sleeping spots on the floor, we all headed to the beach armed with a few beers to have some mud fun. As you’d expect, the beach was packed full of Weegookens and Koreans covered in mud and we did join in the fun (there are some pics to prove it which are on my blog). My take of Mudfest is what I picture American Spring Break to be like, except with mud.

Now I’m not sure if you all know that Korean couples LOVE and I mean LOVE to wear matching outfits. Up to this point I’d seen my share of matching ‘his and hers’ t-shirts but nothing prepared me for seeing matching his and hers swimming suits!! Yep, he was wearing shorts with some funky multi-coloured pattern and his girlfriend was wearing a swimming suit with the same pattern – SAD!!! Unfortunately I’ve no photographic evidence to back this up; it definitely would’ve been a keeper. But if any of you would like matching ‘his and hers’ bathing costumes just let me know and I’ll sort you out. Sav, I’ll get you and Baz some and you can wear them on your honeymoon. Maybe this could be my new business venture? Hmmmm

We stayed on the beach for a few hours until the heavens opened and the rain poured down. At this point we headed back to the minbak where we were told there was no hot water – brilliant!!! Luckily we’d washed off our mud at a beach shower on our way back so we just decided to be smelly and just get changed, however other girls in our room started complaining about how ridiculous this was. Now I do agree hot water isn’t a big ask but these girls made a big issue out of it and started saying they wanted to leave (they also weren’t happy with having to sleep on the floor even though we were told this before we arrived). Take a chill pill people, this is a FESTIVAL and it cost you about 50 quid (75 dollars) which included the return bus ride and accommodation, what were you expecting – The Plaza??

Now our night time partying definitely deserves a mention as most of it happened outside of a GS25 convenience store (think ‘Mace’ or ‘7 Eleven’). As it was raining so heavily we didn’t really want to stand outside and get soaked so a group of about 20 of us sat outside this store on the plastic picnic style table and chairs drinking our lovely cans of beer. It was actually very good craic. However the rain eventually took its toll and we all called it a night around 2am. Not much happened the next day as the rain continued to fall so there was no more mud fun to be had. We hung around aimlessly until 3 and then got the bus back to Busan. It was sleepy time most of the way home.

Even without the hot water and the rain, it was still a fun trip.

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