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Hmmm, so where do I start? I have to admit I have been procrastinating over updating my blog but I’m getting the finger out and fill you in on my antics for this last while.

So, I think my last update was back in the summer before my holiday to Thailand, so I’ll start there.

Well, my summer vacation was longer than expected as my summer camp was cancelled due to an apparent case of swine flu in the area. Damn, what a shame? Life is tough getting 5 1/2 weeks off while still getting paid. Anyway, given this I decided to take myself off to Thailand for just over 2 weeks (I couldn’t really go for longer due to silly Korean policies). So, the first week I was on my own as my right-hand women, Miss Valerie Anne Fox had to work but she joined me for the 2nd week. So, off I trotted on my tod to Bangkok which was the first stop on my trip. I have to admit I was rather nervous going there as I’d been told I’d see lots of disfigured people wondering the streets and whilst this was slightly true it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Anyway, I did the usual tourist things – exploring the Koh San road for a bargain, taking a tuck-tuck around the city, seeing a few temples and also taking a boat trip around some of the canals which was fascinating. I saw some really poverty stricken places just off the canal which were pretty shocking. I wouldn’t even describe the places I saw as houses as they were more like shacks on stilts over the water which looked like they were about to collapse. It’s hard to imagine people living in them but yet they do. The canal water was so dirty but I did see one young guy taking a leisurely swim – I didn’t join him!! It was definitely an experience. Anyway, after feeling culturally enriched after my day trip I decided to see Bangkok by night, so off to the Koh San road I went. Seeing as I was on my own I wondered up the street looking for fellow solo travelers. I did feel like a bit of an odd ball strolling by the bars checking them out for single people but hey desperate times calls for desperate measures. I was luckily enough to meet an American girl and I ended up hanging out with her and some friends for the rest of the night. It was obviously a good night as I slept through my alarm clock and was woken up by the hotel reception ringing my room telling me my taxi had arrived to take me to the airport. I definitely didn’t look the best when I eventually got to the airport, 20 minutes before my flight left – oh, the stress!!

A cleansing experience
So, my next stop was Koh Samui where I just stayed for one night before I headed to Koh Phangan for my 3 1/2 detox at ‘The Santuary’. Yes, that’s right people no food, only clay shakes, herbal pills and tasteless, liquidized veggie broth for 3 days – yummie. The clay shakes weren’t the tastiest drink in the world which is probably why we were told to drink them quickly, plus the longer you left it sitting in your glass the more it began to congeal. It’s surprising how you really don’t get hungry during your fast. The shakes really fill you up plus we filled our days with yoga, visits to the spa as well as a spot of sunbathing. The only side effect I experienced during the detox was a banging headache on day 2 but that’s was it. Oh and I nearly forgot the best part of the detox, the colonic!!. I have to say I was skeptical at first about getting the colonic but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’ll spare you all the details but I definitely felt ‘cleansed’ afterwards and would do it again. Not painful at all ; ) And contrary to what some people might think, the people I met there were all quite normal. Most of us were detox novices but there were a few people who had been there before. It’s funny how as time progressed we all became much more comfortable talking about our bowel movements - very strange indeed but very educational. If anyone has any questions just drop me an email and I’ll be happy help. Dr. Julia is happy to share my wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Now I did say most people were normal, that is all except one moon cadet I was lucky enough to meet whilst sitting in the restaurant (obviously not eating). So, this guy wasn’t doing the detox he was just visiting The Sanctuary as part of this 7 year vacation (lol – clue number one is he wasn’t all quite there). As I sat with him he placed his crystals on the table and began to look into space. Anyway I tried being sociable but I seriously think he was on another planet. When I asked him a question, he stared at me for about 30 seconds and then answered. When we did start talking, he began telling me about planets and nuclear fissions and how he watched planes disappear from the sky just off the coast of Byron Bay. When I asked him if he would go back to live in Oz which is where he is from, his reply was (and apologies for the language) ‘I f***ing hate Australia, they put me in a bubble for 15 years and made me stay there’. Hmmmmm, so I gathered the answer to my question was ‘no’. I didn’t really know what to say to him after this, I think I sat there dumb-struck; I mean, what can you say? The hatred in his voice was so strong he looked like he was about to cry. Anyway, after this outburst I decided to make an excuse and told him I was off to the spa. I really wish I’d had a dictaphone to tape our chat as it was so strange and beyond my understanding that I can’t remember half of what he said. He was such a moon cadet!!

Some more sun, sea and sand
So, after my detox I headed back to Koh Samui where I met Val. For the next week we lazed about the beach and soaked in the sun, played on jet-skis, pottered around the markets and went on a snorkeling trip was by-far a highlight for me. Apparently the marine life in and around the Thai islands is some of the best you’ll see which I would have to agree with. The variety of fish and coral below the sea surface were so beautiful and the colours where so vibrant I could have spent all day in the sea. Mum, Dad – it was a bit different to what we used to see when we went on our snorkeling trips off the west coast of Ireland plus the water was just a tad warmer (lol).

Another highlight of the trip was of course the food – delicious papaya salads, stir-fries and of course pad thai. Val was definitely a happy camper as we would go into restaurants where they would have a full page of vegetarian dishes. Unlike Korea she didn’t have the constant concern that she would find some form of fish/meat secretly hiding at the bottom of her bowl (Korean’s don’t really understand the term vegetarian so it’s a constant worry for her when we eat out).

Anyway, I’ve waffled on enough about my antics in and about the Thai islands. Loved every minute of it and for those for those of you that have even considered a colonic, I say go for it, you won't be disapointed.

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