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Well, I've been in Korea and 2 months and feel like I have lots to update you on. Overall, things are going really well. I'm definitely more settled here and the teaching is good. I'm getting used to the noisy students but every now and then, the more military side of me comes out. That's right Savo, the students definitely sit up and listen when I raise my voice (well, sometimes they do).My mic is out of commission at the moment so I resorted to banging a stapler on the table last week, lol (it definitely did the trick).

Anyway, I visited a few places so far mostly in the Busan area. I've been hiking a few times in the mountains that surround Busan, visited a few temples and also Val and I are hoping to make a trip to Seoul in a few weeks. So, all in all I'm having fun, getting used to the spicy food and 'trying' to learn Korean (or should I say Hangeul).

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